10 Laundry Do’s and Don’ts That Everyone Needs to Know

February 11, 2018
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The Golden rule of Laundry is “Separate Whites from Colors! Always!!”

Everyone knows this, however there’s more to it &  can result in bad consequences if one is novice.

But we are here to rescue you on how to do do your Laundry like a Champ. From Cleaning each fabrics to Mastering the rules we give amazing tips that will lessen your burden on every load.

10 Laundry Do’s and Don’ts That Everyone Needs to Know

DO #1: Always Follow Cloth Labels



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Always check cloth tags or labels & follow the instructions carefully. For example bleaching clothes that shouldn’t be bleached will almost always end up with the clothes being ruined.


DO #2: Pre-Treat the Stains on your Clothes


Stains Happen! Don’t ask How, Why or When? It just happens. Pre-treating your clothes always ensures the fabrics stay fresh & your wardrobe looking brand new.


DO #3: Separate Whites & Darks


Always separate your clothes into whites & darks. Wash lights, delicates & whites together & dark separately. Avoid mixing heavy clothing with delicate fabrics while washing.


DO #4: Wash Dark Clothes Inside Out


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To keep your dark clothes (especially jeans & cotton)  from fading, you need to wash them inside out, in cold water. Avoid using tumble dryer as heat is too damaging on dark fabrics and use air dryer whenever possible.


DO #5: Wash Whites & Towels in Hot Water


It is recommended to use hot water for Light fabrics & Towels. Hot Temperature  removes the stains and kills the bacteria from the fabrics. Polyster, Linen & Nylon are usually best to wash with hot water.


DO #6: Use Mesh Laundry Bags for delicates & unmentionables


To avoid stretched straps or having hooks damage other garments in the same load, place your unmentionables in a mesh laundry bag before placing them in the washing machine. This also prevents developing snags especially during mixed weight loads.

DON’T #7: Never use Soap Bar to Remove Stains


Never rub a Soap bar against stains, instead use  liquid detergents. Allow the stain remover to soak in fabric for at least 15 minutes & wash. Follow cloth labels to check the best method for removing stains.


DON’T #8: Don’t leave the zippers open


Close all the zippers so that they don’t snag or tear your delicate clothing easily.


DON’T #9: Never use Chlorine Bleach on Color Fabrics


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Always avoid using chlorine bleach on color fabrics especially wools, silk, leather, spandex and non-fast colors. Chlorine bleach quickly fades the color of your fabrics instead reserve the chlorine bleach for whites.


DO #10: Throw in a Dry Towel in Dryer for Faster Drying


Do put a dry towel in the dryer with your wet clothes for faster drying time, but take it out 15-20 minutes after.