Don’t Waste your Time Washing Clothes. Use Online Laundry Services, Instead!

December 04, 2017
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Laundry is probably the most boring chore one will have to go through every week. Modern life has turned into a mad rush but laundry is something we can’t skip. After a tiring week of work, we just want to relax and take a cosy break but mountain piles of dirty clothes signal us otherwise.

We can order food & grocery online within few hours & have them delivered at our doorstep, thanks to many new services like Foodmandu, Bhoj Deals & Kirana. Then why not get our laundry done in the same way?

Laundry is a time consuming process, right from gathering clothes to washing them separately, depending upon the colors. Then, drying, ironing & folding them just takes the patience out of our soul.

Not only does e-Laundry save us time, it gives us the oportunity to take a break from our hectic lifestyle. Instead of wasting our time doing the laundry, we can have a quality time outing with family & friends or get a much deserved relaxing massage in a spa.

Chamkilo is Nepal’s first on-demand Laundry & Drycleaning startup that pick’s up your clothes at your door step, have them cleaned and delivers at your doorstep. Since Nepal lacks western Laundromat style Laundry approach, Chamkilo is one of a kind startup to revolutionise the Laundry process.

People who have a 10-6pm job & only have a precious Saturday to relax find e-Laundry the most soothing. With just one click, one can relax & chill with friends or loved ones instead of doing the boring laundry. The laundry will come cleaned & folded; all you have to do is put it in your closet.

Chamkilo also offers professionally driven services like steam pressing, folding & retaining the fragrance of clothes after cleaning. Your laundry is just a a click away & orders can be placed at your convenience at your preferred time.

Your time is precious !

You do the Living, we will do the Laundry !!