Dry Cleaning Vs Laundry (Washing); What’s the Difference?

February 12, 2018
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Depending on the stain & the fabric type, one can decide whether to Wash (Laundry) or Dry Clean your clothes. Another easy option is to check cloth labels which provide instructions on cleaning methods.

Dry Cleaning uses Chemical solvent to clean the garments. It is referred to as “Dry” Cleaning because the water is not used in the entire cleaning process unlike Laundry Cleaning. Dry Cleaning is done with Perchloroethylene to remove greasy stains whereas Laundry Cleaning uses cleaning agents like soaps, detergents or softeners along with water to remove dirt from the fabrics.

Dry Cleaned Clothes are then loaded into a machine and washed using a process called tumbling. The solvents used in the process are generally removed and recycled. In Laundry Cleaning, Water is removed dried from the garments using the spinning process, Afterwards, clothes are dried in a dryer or hung dried.

Dry Cleaned Clothes are then Steamed or Ironed to remove any wrinkles, whereas Laundry Washed Clothes are pressed.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning:

  • Effectively removes oil & greasy stains
  • Reduces shrinkage and expands the lifespan of the fabric
  • Comparatively less discoloration & reduces bleeding
  • Protects texture and maintains the originality of the fabrics

Advantages of Laundry Washing:

  • Cheaper Costs while maintaining the freshness of the fabric
  • Laundry is preferred by people with sensitive skin as Dry Cleaning chemicals may induce negative reactions.
  • Unlike Dry Cleaned Clothes, Laundry Washed Clothes are free from chemical odor.
  • Laundry Washing is energy efficient and eco-friendly