How Chamkilo works


Place order using our Website or Call us directly to place a direct order.

We collect

Collection and delivery is free, just let us know the time of your convenience & place.

We Clean

Our facilities are so good, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied – we put a quality guarantee on all items

We Deliver

We bring your clothes back, neat & fresh within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions


Before collection, just ensure your Laundry is in a separate pile to your Dry Cleaning (Suits, shirts, dresses, etc.). As our clothes are machine washed, customers are responsible to ensure their clothes are machine washable. Don't worry about darks and lights, we'll sort this out for you!

Yes, We do! However, please double check through our website as services can vary depending on time.

Dry cleaning meaning cleaning without water, using a chemical solvent called perchloroethylene (PERC) to remove stains; while the process of wet washing uses water, soaps and detergents. Another dry cleaning alternative is hydrocarbon, which is a little less ‘aggressive’ than PERC. Rest assured, our cleaning experts follow care label instructions rigorously and always clean in the most appropriate manner.

We typically collect, clean, and deliver within 48 hours, within the time slots chosen by you. But we’re flexible, so you can choose your delivery date up to seven days after collection.

We used to but after repeat complaints of smelly clothes, we have stopped accepting underwear and socks as Laundry. We apologize for the inconvenience caused on this regards.

We use commercial machines capable of handling 25-35 KG per load. Customers are responsible to ensure that their clothes are machine washable. Customer is responsible for any damage caused in regards to incompatibility with machine washable process.

Our working hours are from Sunday to Friday 8am to 4pm everyday. We are OFF on Saturdays. We recommend following us on Facebook to confirm our working hours.

Currently we operate in Kathmandu, Lalitpur & Bhaktapur. We operate upto 10km from the ring road without any extra charge.